Updates timeline


IMPORTANT NOTE : Alpha version 0.3 is an early build of the game ! It has been made public to give a general feeling of the game to our fanbase. This version is limited to one blessing only and we deactivated the Taijutsu skill trees as they are under development.

This alpha version of the game is limited in time and will be available until we release version 0.4. Version 0.4 – and all following versions – will be playable as a reward for helping us funding our project on Indiegogo !

- Added the news panel, the latest game news are now displayed inside the game, right from our official forum
- Added “Character Profile” and “Leaderboard” panels. Items shop and Achievements to be added soon.
- Integrated IRC chat and added it in the rooms list – you can follow and participate to in-game conversations by connecting to irc.ninjutsugames.com #ninjapvp
- Added news maps
- Performance optimization, the game runs faster and supports older computers
- Updated and optimized UI, some bugs fixes here and there
- Login and UI menus are now animated
- Dying under water won’t make you fly anymore after respawning
- Loading screen now loads correctly


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