What is NinjaPvP?

NinjaPvP is a free-to-play browser-based 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing
Game (MMORPG). You can create your very own Ninja or Neko and start playing with
friends and family. Participate in glorious battles — destroy enemy fortresses, help your team,
advance your rank, discover the colorful environment and become the best Ninja! With a wide
choice of armors, weapons, magical element based skills and several game modes in multi-
and single player we hope you enjoy your adventures as a Ninja.

What is the game’s objective?

Depending on the chosen game mode you and your team have to capture the enemy team’s
flag or you can go wild in the Free-for-All game mode where you chase whoever you find on
the map. But pay attention – you are fair game too!

Is there a minimum age for players?

No. Every age group can play NinjaPvP.

How can I help the developers?

That’s simple – by playing the game and telling us what you think. Every opinion helps us to
improve the game since we work on it constantly. If you want to give your opinion, you can
discuss everything concerning NinjaPvP here.

On which platforms can I play NinjaPvP?

For now it’s a PC game you can either install (Windows and OS X) or launch in your browser
playable in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Exlporer and Google Chrome, but we planned to shift
NinjaPvP for other platforms such as OUYA in the future.

Do I have to download or install anything?

No. NinjaPvP is playable directly in your browser without having to install anything.

Is it really free?

Yes. You can play as often and long as you want without paying a dime.
However, for the impatient and stylish among you one can buy blessings both with ingame
and real money as well as special cosmetic gear to customize your character and make it look
unique among the other players. This will only affect your appearance ingame without neither
giving advantages nor disadvantages to you or your fellow NinjaPvP players. Gamewise, all
players – playing for free or paying – can reach the same goals.


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