OUYA! Ninja PVP is #myouyagame

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OUYA! Ninja PVP is #myouyagame, would you like to see it in OUYA? Go to our Twitter and favorite/retweet our post about Ouya! https://twitter.com/ninjapvp/status/275332717682491392

I keep working hard on the game as much as casino online I can, the good news is, new website is coming, new video and the open beta version. Stay tuned!

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  • Kanser


    Pls mace a port for Meego Harmatan (Nokia N9). It already supports unity games.

    And if you don’t know: The upcoming sailfish OS is related to Meego so it should be easy to port the Harmatan version to Jolla devices (and other devices which will run Sailfish).


  • Viktor




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